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Adam Lassiter, Restoration Concrete owner, has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. Adam is he loves what he does and is proud of the high quality of the finished product. He is passionate about finding lower cost and easier-to-implement solutions that stand the test of time. The industry is always changing; whether it be new products or new methods. Adam is knowledgeable and a trusted partner for contractors and homeowners.

The Product We Use

Concur Concrete Solutions is a product that has been developed and tested in the harsh winters of Canada. The product not only repairs the concrete but it strengthens it by up to 125%. The primary component in Concure Systems Admixture is silicate. The admixture reacts with the properties in the concrete creating a gel, densifying the concrete. The fixed concrete looks as good as new and is stronger than before!

What will my concrete repair look like?

Concrete repair color will be slightly different from old concrete, it will age to blend in with old concrete. The resurfaced area will look as if a new section of concrete was poured.  You are able to walk on concrete within 2 hours and drive on it the next day.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty doubles the industry standard of 1 year and we warranty our work and materials we use for 2 years. 

How soon can you come fix my concrete?

Once we meet with the client and decide a course of action we can typically get on the job within 2 weeks.

The Process

Get a concrete repair bid

1. Get a Bid

Use our quick online form and upload your pictures. We’ll send you a bid within 2 hours!

We fix your concrete

2. We Fix Your Concrete

Your concrete will look amazing. You’ll be able to use it after just 24-hours.

rest assured your concrete is warranted

3. Rest Assured

We stand by our products! Your repair will be covered under our 2 year warranty!